Workers Compensation


At Mutual Brokers, we have an experienced and qualified team who specialise in A.C.T. Workers Compensation Insurance. When you entrust your Workers Compensation Insurance with Mutual Brokers, we commit to providing you with a complete solution that suits your individual business needs. This partnership approach will ensure that we understand your individual business requirements.



Private and Public sector Workers Compensation Insurance is different in each State and Territory. Geographically the A.C.T. is a Territory within the State of N.S.W; as such there may also be the need to assess any cross border issues or concerns an employer may have. At Mutual Brokers we are able to provide you with a comprehensive Workers Compensation program to suit your business. We are able to assist with local requirements or a National State based risk program.



In the A.C.T Private Sector, Workers Compensation is compulsory for business and non business employer’s. A business employer is an employer who employs a person for work that is for (or incidental to) the employer’s trade or business. A non-business employer is an employer who employs a person for work that is not for (or incidental to) the employers trade or business eg domestic.


Our experienced team will be able to assist in implementing the correct program for your needs with special consideration given to the use of contractors, sub contractors or labour hire. In addition, your exposures can vary depending on your business structure as a sole trader, partnership or company. Mutual Brokers can also take the confusion out of your requirements in respect of how to declare appropriately drawings by directors, allowances to staff and payments made through different Trusts.

There are complexities in establishing the correct workers compensation program and at Mutual Brokers we recognise that businesses are of differing sizes with different needs. With this in mind we have developed a two tiered approach consisting of standard workers compensation services and also a Tailored Service Plan for our clients with greater Workers Compensation needs, higher frequency of claims and more complex WHS exposures. If that sounds like your business, our Tailored Service Plan ensures you receive the appropriate solution tailored to your workers compensation requirements.




  •  Hold a current workers compensation insurance policy for all workers in the A.C.T.
  •  Comply with their insurers Injury Management Program
  •  Display a notice that outlines the requirements under the Act for making compensation claims; including the name    of   the insurer and current insurance policy details
  •  Establish and display a written Return to Work Program in consultation with workers, an approved rehabilitation provider and relevant unions
  •  Provide a Register of Injuries that is accessible to all workers; and
  •  Provide specific information required by the insurer including six monthly wage reports.



  •  An employer must make compensation forms available to the worker
  •  Record in the Register of Injuries the date of the Notice of Injury
  •  Notify the insurer of an injury within 48 hours of being made aware of the workplace injury
  •  Must forward the workers claim form to the insurer within 7 days of receiving the claim form from the worker
  •  Cooperate in the development of and comply with the insurers Personal Injury Plan for the injured worker
  •  Provide vocational rehabilitation
  •  Provide suitable employment, if available for an injured worker where a request for work is received within six   months of  the   injury




For further information regarding A.C.T. Workers Compensation legislation and Workplace Health and Safety please contact the Worksafe ACT Website. Additionally for business operations based in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia where workers compensation is required, you will need to contact the relevant Workcover authorities in those states.