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With our expertise at Mutual Brokers, an effective and competitively priced Business Insurance program is a certainty.
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Mutual Brokers
 are the Business Insurance specialists. Our experienced team are ready to secure competitive business package insurance for any business, big or small. With your specific risks and needs in mind, our Business Package Insurance policies can provide a number of different covers for your business including:



The property section of your Business Package Insurance provides protection for your damage to your tangible assets such as buildings, contents and stock on hand. Standard covers for material damage include fire, storm, water damage, impact and explosion. Our Business Package policy wordings will also include cover for removal of debris, rewriting of records, employees personal effects, temporary removal of your contents from the situation, professional fees and legal costs.


In addition, we also have a number of insurers who can now provide full cover for damage and loss caused by Flood.

Business Interruption

The Business Interuption section of your policy protects you against the consequential loss of income that may be suffered as a result of an insured event occurring to property. You can also include cover for additional increased costs of working (such as renting a temporary premises, hiring equipment or advertising campaigns) and claims preparation costs (giving you the ability to engage your accountant or a professional claims preparation company to assist you with the process of making a business interruption claim).


Business Insurance at Mutual Brokers is about protecting your Property AND your back pocket.

Theft Insurance

Including in your Business Package policy, protection for theft of your contents and stock as a result of forcible and/or violent entry.


Insuring loss of your money whilst in transit, at your business premises, in a locked safe or strongroom and even whilst in your own private residence.


Covering your internal and external glass for replacement value, including the cost to temporarily board up your premises where glass is broken – ensuring the continued safety of your business.

General Property

General Property covers your business for goods and equipment that are regularly removed from your business premises. Items such as laptops, cameras, tools, electronic and diagnostic equipment can be insured comprehensively anywhere within Australia.

Broadform Liability

A must for any Business Insurance program is to insure for Public and Products Liability (Broadform Liability). What if as a result of an accident in your business, you are found liable to pay legal expenses and compensation for a third party’s personal injury or property damage? That’s where the Broadform Liability section of the policy will defend you.


Where your business has greater requirements and complexity for liability insurance, we can arrange a more specific Liability cover with tailored protection for exposures such as product recall expenses, errors and omissions and increased limits for your customers goods in your control.

Machinery Breakdown

Business Package Insurance can also be extended to insure the unforseen and sudden physical damage to machinery.  For certain industries where it is required, this can also cover the deterioration of frozen and/or refrigerated goods.

Electronic Equipment

Much like Machinery Breakdown, providing cover for the breakdown of your electronic equipment, including the restoration of data and additional costs of working.

Goods in Transit

Loss or dmage to your property in transit for fire, explosion, theft and collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle.


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