Insurance Claims can happen to the most risk-conscious and well-run businesses; an effective insurance program from Mutual Brokers is the support and protection your business needs during those difficult times. In the event an insurable incident occurs within your business, Mutual Brokers will assist you through the insurance claims process with our professional claims service. Whether it’s a basic claim for glass damage, a motor vehicle accident, major fire damage or a lengthy, litigated liability claim; we support our clients from their first advice until final settlement.


There are a number of steps which must be taken immediately in the insurance claims process. Individual insurance claims require specific actions and advice; however these broader steps can help minimise the impact on your business operations for most incidents.

  • Report the incident to Mutual Brokers by telephone, facsimile or email, wherever practicable, within 24 hours of the incident so that we can commence the claims process.
  • Regardless of whether or not the claim has been reported or a loss assessor appointed, you must immediately do whatever necessary to prevent further property damage or potential personal injury.
  • Call the fire brigade, ambulance, police or other appropriate emergency where required.
  • If during business hours, ensure the evacuation (if necessary) of staff and neighbours.
  • Where your premises have been broken into or glass damaged, have a security company of glazier install boarding over smashed windows and (if appropriate) employ an overnight security watchman.
  • Remove property which is exposed to further loss or damage to a more secure place. Do not admit liability under any circumstances.
  • Your Insurer is entitled to deny a claim or pay a reduced amount if your statements or actions prejudice their position to defend you or reinstate your loss.


Workplace Injuries must be reported to your ACT Workers Compensation Insurer within 48 Hours. Contact details for each ACT Insurer below.  

Company NamePhone NoFax NoEmailForms
Allianz1300 360 59502 9266 Claim Forms
CGU02 6240 479002 6230 Employers Claim Form
GIO02 6281 880602 6282 Employers Claim Form
QBE02 6201 333302 6249 8633qbewcompclaims@qbe.comQBE Employers Claim Form
Zurich02 6247 376602 6247 2793Zurich Claim Form


What should you do in the event of an accident?

  • Secure the vehicle to prevent further loss, damage or liability
  • Record details for any other party/vehicles involved including registration, driver details
  • Do not admit liability, make an offer, settlement or promise of payment without prior written consent
  • If your vehicle is damaged and cannot be driven arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest repairer or place of safety
  • Contact Mutual Brokers and notify us of a possible claim
  • Complete a claim form and return to Mutual Brokers to lodge on your behalf
  • Obtain quote for repairs


  Please find common Claim Forms available for download, alternatively please contact our office for Insurer specific claim forms.

Before completing a claim form please read your Duty of Disclosure


  For all other insurance claims enquries or to obtain a specific claim form, please contact us on 02 6282 9722. Alternatively please email us at or your specific broker contact.