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Strata Insurance Explained

A great video from the National Insurance Brokers of Australia channel (NIBA TV) on Strata Insurance; and the need for Insurance Broker representation when arranging a policy.   ‘Insurance companies generally don’t give clients advice on their individual needs. In

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Cyber Insurance

Are you concerned about security of information, especially information acquired through marketing automation?   Has your business ever been subject to a cyber attack? Or you have plan on boosting your business marketing process?     Do you handle personal

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Current Building Standards

Does your insurance hold up? A recent report by NIBA suggests that the (increased) current building standards that have been introduced over the past four (4) years may lead to underinsurance issues.   Following the bushfires in the Blue Mountains

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The risks of underinsurance – Bushfire Season

A recent report from reports that “one-quarter of residents affected by bushfires in NSW at the start of the year were not fully insured”.  Don”t wait for a catastrophic event to review the personal injury lawyers bunbury insurance protection

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